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Botox Cosmetic®Botox® Before and After

Botox Cosmetic® is a simple, non-surgical way of smoothing facial wrinkles and lines.  It treats wrinkles causes by repeated muscular contractions such as frowning or squinting, relaxing the muscles and noticeably refreshing your appearance. Regions usually treated are the frown lines, the worry lines and crow’s feet.

Is this safe?
YES!  Botox® has been available for 20 years and has been used as a safe and effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions.  Botox Cosmetic® has been approved by Health Canada for wrinkle therapy and has been proven safe through extensive research and testing.

How does it work?
Botox Cosmetic® relaxes the muscles located under the skin of the treated area, in order to give it a smooth and young appearance.

Is this painful?
Most of patients report that injections feel like a pinch, although this will differ for everybody.  Most times, our patients’ reaction is: “Is that it?”

How long does it take to do?
Usually, after consultation, treatment takes up to 15 minutes. Since there is no downtime, you can receive the injections during your lunch hour, and only you will know that you had a treatment!

How soon can one see the effects?
It can take UP TO 14 days to take full effect.  It generally lasts between 3 or 4 months, depending on the patient.  With repeated treatment the duration can usually be prolonged.

I do not want to look as if I was wearing an expressionless mask – can that happen?
Certainly NOT. Botox Cosmetic® is intended to enhance the way you look, not change it  In general, you will have the appearance that you desire – as natural as you want.  Most people simply want to have a REFRESHED, NATURAL AND RELAXED look, without looking “done”. Thanks to the experienced hands of the injectors, patients usually report that nobody around them noticed anything. Their friends simply tell them that they look fit and well rested!

What are the possible side effects?
Side effects are RARE, and they are NOT PERMANENT.  Occasionally, there could be light bruising (that can easily be concealed by make-up), or mild short term headaches. In rare instances (less than 1%), drooping eyelid can result but only for a short time.  Most patients do not experience any side effects at all.

I am pregnant/ breastfeeding my baby. Can I receive Botox Cosmetic® treatments?
NO.  It is recommended to wait before receiving injections of Botox Cosmetic®.  Although there is no clinical proof showing evidence of danger for the mother or the baby – we prefer not to take any risk.

How much does it cost?
The costs associated with a treatment is billed per unit.  A unit of Botox Cosmetic® is simply a small quantity of medicine.  The cost of the treatments varies depending on the patient.  The exact number of units that you will need (in order to obtain the appearance that you desire) will be determined at the time of the private consultation with the doctor.  FOR EXAMPLE, treating frown lines in a woman typically starts at $240.

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